property VAT advice
The VAT rules that apply to property are complex and often confusing to non specialists. With over 30 years experience  I am able to provide advice on all aspects of property VAT.  For details of my experience see about me. If you find that trying to understand the rules is giving you a migraine get in touch.

Areas I can advise upon include:

  • Liability of new dwelling construction work
  • Liability of domestic conversions including pub conversions and office conversions
  • Opting to tax – pros and cons
  • The application of the VAT Capital Goods Scheme (CGS)
  • VAT recovery on property work
  • When the VAT reduced rate applies to construction work
  • The treatment of property transfers including business transfers
  • Holiday accommodation and VAT
  • HMRC disputes and appeals

The VAT rules for property are complex and if you make a mistake it is often not possible to put it right afterwards. This is especially true with option to tax questions.  It really does pay to take advice before you undertake property projects.

I have 30 years of working with the VAT property rules and can help ensure you pay the minimum and recover the maximum amount of VAT. See my guide to property VAT issues property VAT guide

Get in Touch

If you find that trying to understand the rules is giving you a migraine get in touch. I won’t charge for an initial chat and if the answer is obvious and HMRC have published  guidance I will refer you to it. Either give me a call or send me an e

If you do decide you want me to formally advise you then i am able to offer a range of fee options. My preference is to agree a fixed fee in advance.  For example of what some of my clients have said about me see here