Education VAT

I can advise upon all aspects of school and education VAT.  I have helped a wide range of education bodies understand and improve their VAT positions including colleges, academy schools, independent schools, boarding schools and local authority schools.

My Experience

Areas where I have advised include:

  • Education VATAcademy School VAT recovery methods.
  • Charges between schools for services.
  • VAT liability of new build work
  • VAT recovery on new build work
  • Business/Non Business and Partial Exemption Methods
  • The VAT treatment of new gyms or leisure centre facilities
  • The meaning of supplies closely connected to education
  • The VAT treatment of the hire of school facilities
  • The VAT treatment of fund-raising
  • Training in how the VAT system works
  • Assisting with VAT disputes

I operate across the UK and attempt to keep my prices competitive. I can normally offer a range of fee structures including fixed fees and in some cases contingent fees.

Get in Touch

If you have a question on education VAT then get in touch. I will be happy to give you a free initial view. See what my clients think here