PL VAT Consultancy

I provide VAT advice to commercial  businesses of any size as well as not for profit organisations and public bodies. With lower overheads I can provide advice and assistance on  VAT issues at a lower rate than larger firms.  I am a member of and regulated by the Chartered Insitute of Taxation. The business is fully insured .

I have worked in VAT for over 30 years. For more about my experience see about me

In the last 12 months I have identified over £ 2 million of VAT savings for clients and succeeded with almost all of the arguments I have taken with HMRC. See what some of my clients say about my services  here

How I Can Help

The VAT advice I can provide includes :

  • Health Checks : I can review your activities and answer any questions you might have. My aim is obviously to make recommendations that save you money.
  • Transaction Advice : If you are about to undertake something unusual you might need advice on the correct VAT treatment and whether certain options are better from a VAT perspective. This might be the case if you a charity unsure if a new funding source is VATable or you are about to buy or sell a property.
  • HMRC Disputes : I can advise on disputes with HMRC and assist with making submissions on your behalf or advising you on the best approach. If you think you may be heading towards a VAT dispute then it’s best to talk it through early on as sometimes initial mistakes in the line of argument taken cannot be corrected. I make no charge for an initial discussion.
  • Training: VAT is a complex tax and I can provide specialist training tailored to your needs. I can also write internal VAT manuals.
  • Support For Firms: I can offer specialist support for accountancy firms.

Get in Touch

Ideally I will try and offer a fixed fee for work. This will be based on predicted levels of correspondence and the likely complexity . However, I can offer an hourly rate if that is preferred. Alternatively  a contingent fee based upon VAT savings. I understand that clients do not have budgets for VAT advice and will aim for a fee structure that suits them. Why not get in touch on a no obligation basis.  Contact Me







Disclaimer: The information on this website is not designed to provide formal tax advice. It is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice. I will not be responsible for any errors that result from your reading of its contents.