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Why Choose Me ?

I was involved in the original  discussions with VAT Policy on the refund scheme and other issues on behalf of Hospice UK. I have also dealt with central discussions on issues since such as the treatment of continuing care income and Covid funding.  This means I have the most up to date knowledge of how the VAT rules work and can ensure that hospices obtain the very highest VAT recovery. I act for dozens of hospices. I am also very competitive.

 I have written a guide to the hospice’ refund scheme which may help you  Hospice VAT Guide.

Alternativly check the hospice UK site http://www.hospiceuk.org

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Advice on the Hospice Refund Scheme

” Peter was instrumental in securing the VAT rebate scheme for hospices, and has continued to advice Hospice UK and many hospices on its implementation in order to secure maximum benefits from the scheme. He has an excellent knowledge of VAT issues affecting hospices and his expertise has been crucial in securing estimated savings of £25m pa for the sector.” Craig Duncan Hospice UK:

All charity hospices are now able to recover VAT using the new VAT refund scheme. To maximise recovery under the new scheme hospices should regularly review their activities and ensure they have the optimal business/non business apportionment. The reasons you should consider letting me advise you on this include :

  • That I know the new rules better than anyone, having helped negotiate them and in places initiate them.
  • I have probably advised more hospices on the refund scheme than anyone else. I know the issues.
  • Being independent mean I can charge less than large practices. But am still fully insured.
  • I understand the rules concerning VAT and business better than almost anyone.  Having once had HMRC policy responsibility for this I know the area well and have been involved in many successful appeals on the subject
  • I have specialised on charity VAT for many years

 I have written a guide to the scheme which may help you  Hospice VAT Guide

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Advice on other areas of Hospice VAT

Other Other areas I can provide hospice VAT advice upon include:

  • The scope of the Zero rate for new hospice buildings
  • VAT recovery for new hospice buildings.
  • The treatment of NHS consultants provided to hospices
  • The scope of the zero rate on goods used in hospices
  • The treatment of NHS core funding
  • The treatment of Continuing Care and Personal Budget Holder funding.
  • VAT grouping – the pros and cons.
  • Running hospice lotteries
  • Holding VAT efficient fund-raising events
  • VAT treatment of charity shops and interaction with the gift aid scheme.
  • The operation of the VAT capital goods scheme and the opportunities for refunds this gives.
  • If I know that HMRC are already looking into the question  I will let you know.

VAT Reviews

A VAT review will check that your VAT position is optimal.  The cost will depend upon the likely complexity and what type of report you want. I can provide a basic VAT review  where I  point out the risks and opportunities for a fairly low fee. Generally  I find that I can often improve  a hospices VAT position even if they have previously taken advice from other advisors by merely applying the rules in the way that HMRC policy envisaged they should be applied. Many hospices, especially VAT grouped hospices recover less VAT than they could.

I am based in South London but am happy to travel and have Hospice clients based throughout the country. I don’t charge for travelling time and try and keep my fees competitive. Because I don’t have the overheads can charge a far lower rate than larger firms. Being a specialist means I take less time to answer hospice VAT questions that generalist advisors

I can offer advice a range of fee options including fixed fees or contingent fees based on VAT savings

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